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AP Chinese | AP中文班

  • 3 hr 40 min
  • Washington High School

Service Description

Expanding on the proficiency developed in the Level 4 language course, this program advances students' capacities to confidently express and support viewpoints, and to narrate or describe personal experiences through both oral communication and written expression. The course curriculum draws upon diverse literary works to facilitate exploration and appreciation of the language's cultural and civilizational aspects. For students enrolled in AP-designated classes, valuable skills pertinent to the Advanced Placement Examination will be cultivated, necessitating an increased commitment to homework. Successful progression to the subsequent level mandates attaining a minimum grade of C. The academic year will run from August 27, 2023, to May 19, 2024. There will be two semesters, and after excluding holidays, there will be a total of 30 weeks of instruction with 120 instructional hours. 本课程是在学生完成第三级语言课程所掌握技能的基础上进一步发展,增强他们表达和捍卫观点的能力,以及用口头或书面方式叙述和描述自己生活中的事件。各种文学作品将成为讨论和欣赏(语言)文化与文明的基础。选修AP指定课程的学生将培养与考试相关的技能,因此需要投入更多的家庭作业时间。想继续学习下一级课程,学生需要取得C或更高的成绩。 本学年从2023年8月27日至2024年5月19日止。两学期扣除节假日共30教学周120学时。

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Contact Details

  • Washington High School, Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA, USA

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