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《新双双中文十一册 中国民俗与民间艺术》

Grade 年级:

7th Grade 2nd Semester 七年级第二学期

Scope 适用范围:

Suitable for students in 7th grade and above or those who have learned 1,400 Chinese characters.
适用于 7 年级以上或已学过 1,400 个汉字的学生使用。

Textbook Content 课本内容:

1. This book focuses on representative Chinese folk customs and folk arts, including festivals, traditional residences, Peking Opera, martial arts, Chinese cuisine, calligraphy, etc. After studying this book, students will gain an understanding of the lifestyle and practices of Chinese people.
2. The book consists of 10 lessons, with 147 new characters and 175 new words. The course is designed to be taught in 30 instructional hours (50 minutes per session).

1. 本册专题介绍有代表性中国民俗与民间艺术,包括节日、民居、和京剧、武术、中国菜、书法等。学习之后,学生对中国人的生活习惯和方式有所了解。
2. 全书 10 课,生字 147 个,生词 175 个。教程为 30 学时(每学时 50分钟)。

Learning Content 学习内容:

1. Introduces representative Chinese customs and folk arts.
2. Requires fluent oral reading of the text (800 words).
3. Oral presentation of the topics covered in the text (continuous expression for 2 minutes on cultural topics).
4. Writing: Essay writing, the format of writing an email (expository writing).
(a) Clear thesis statement, thorough discussion, (b) logical paragraph structure, clear organization.
5. Activities and Crafts: Organize Spring Festival activities, appreciate Peking Opera, learn to sing face-changing opera songs, tea-tasting activities, dumpling making, practice writing with a calligraphy brush at least once, and engage in paper-cutting crafts.

1. 介绍了有代表性的中国人生活的习俗和民间艺术。
2. 要求能流利朗读课文(800 字)。
3. 口述课文所讲的专题内容(文化专题口述连续表达 2 分钟)。
4. 写:写作 电子邮件的写法(论述文)。
(a) 论点明确,论述充分, (b) 分段合理,条理清楚。
5. 活动与手工:组织春节活动,欣赏京剧、学唱脸谱歌、品茶活动、学包饺子,至少至少试写一次毛笔字等;剪纸手工。

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