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Jobs and Recruitment

Jobs (教师招聘):

Yellow River Chinese School always welcomes outstanding teachers who are passionate about the field of education and committed to promoting Chinese culture to join our continuously growing team of educators.

As the largest simplified Chinese language school in the Bay Area, in order to adapt to the rapid development of the school, we are currently recruiting several preparatory Chinese language teachers and instructors for various talent courses (including children's music, instruments, singing, dancing, painting, fine arts, handicrafts, calligraphy, chess, soccer, tennis, basketball, badminton, martial arts, adult fitness, sports, and talents, etc.). The salary and benefits are generous, and appropriate training will be provided.

If you love teaching or possess special talents and are willing to share with our students and parents, you are welcome to leave your resume, educational background, teaching experience, expertise, contact address, phone number, and email on our school's website (or email to: We will contact you for an interview as soon as possible.

Basic requirements: Age, gender, and educational background are not restricted; should be dedicated, caring, and responsible in teaching; have a certain foundation in English; teach in an engaging and lively manner; preference will be given to those with teaching experience, and those with standard Mandarin pronunciation.


作为湾区最大的简化字中文学校, 为了适应学校的迅速发展, 现招聘预备中文教师及各种才艺课教师数名(包括: 儿童音乐, 乐器, 唱歌, 跳舞, 绘画, 美术, 手工, 书法, 棋艺, 足球, 网球, 蓝球, 羽毛球, 游泳, 武术, 成人健身, 运动, 才艺, 等等). 工资待遇优厚, 并提供适当的培训。

如果您热爱教学, 或具有特殊才艺, 愿与我们的学生和家长分享, 欢迎您在我们学校的网站 (或Email To: 留下您的简历, 学历, 教学经历, 特长及通讯地址, 电话, Email, 我们会尽快与您联系面谈。

基本要求: 年龄, 性别, 学历不限; 敬业, 有爱心, 教学认真负责; 有一定的英文基础; 上课生动活泼; 优先考虑具有教学工作经验者, 普通话标准者。

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