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Regulations (学生与家长守则)

Since its establishment in June 1995, Yellow River Chinese School has, through the joint efforts of teachers and students and the enthusiastic support of parents, become the largest and fastest-growing Mandarin Pinyin and Simplified Chinese character school in the Bay Area. It provides a favorable environment for Chinese children to learn the language and cultivate their talents and character.

In order to ensure the continued operation of Yellow River Chinese School, we have formulated student and parent guidelines and earnestly request your compliance. Let us work together to improve the school and let Yellow River Chinese School grow alongside your children!

黄河中文学校自一九九五年六月创办以来,在师生们的共同努力和热心家长的支持下,已成为湾区规模最大,发展最快的汉语拼音,简体字中文学校 为华人子女提供了一个学习汉语,培养才艺修养的良好环境。

为保证黄河中文学校的持续运行,特制定学生与家长守则,恳请遵守。 让我们携手努力,把学校办得更好,让黄河中文学校和您的子女一起成长!

Student Guidelines:

  1. Eating food and drinking beverages (except water) inside classrooms and hallways is strictly prohibited. Writing on desks and walls is prohibited, as well as using classroom stationery and books for unauthorized purposes. For repeat offenders, the school reserves the right to revoke their enrollment for the current academic year.

  2. Using emergency phones or alarm systems is strictly prohibited. (Offenders will be fined $100, and repeat offenders will have their enrollment for the current academic year revoked.) Students should report other students who misuse emergency phones or alarm systems to the teacher.

  3. Students must follow teachers' instructions, abide by classroom discipline, arrive on time and not leave early, refrain from unnecessary talking, listen attentively, study diligently, and complete assignments on time.

  4. If a student needs to be absent due to a reason, they should inform the teacher in advance. If a student has a contagious illness, they should take sick leave.

  5. Do not litter; keep the classroom clean.

  6. Pay attention to safety, do not bring dangerous items, refrain from running within the school premises, do not play or slide on stairs or railings, and do not leave the school premises without authorization. The school has the authority to take appropriate measures against violators. In case of accidents caused by violations of these guidelines, the school does not hold any legal responsibility.


  1. 严禁在教室内和楼道里吃食物,喝饮料(水除外),严禁在书桌和墙壁上涂写,严禁动用教室内的文具及书本。 对屡犯者,学校有权取消其该学年学位。

  2. 严禁动用紧急电话或警报器 (违者罚款 $100,对再犯者将取消其该学年的上学资格),学生应将其他动用紧急电话或警报器的学生报告给老师。

  3. 遵从老师教导,遵守课堂纪律,不迟到早退,不随便讲话,认真听讲,努力学习,按时完成作业。

  4. 学生若因事缺席,应事先通知老师;若患有传染病,应请病假缺席。

  5. 不随手丢杂物,保持教室清洁。

  6. 注意安全,不携带危险品,不在校区奔跑,不在楼梯,栏杆上滑行玩耍,不私自离开校区。 学校有权对违犯者做适当处分。 若因违犯守则而发生意外,本校不负任何法律责任。

Parent Guidelines:

  1. Parents should ensure that students adhere to the student guidelines, actively participate in their learning process, and supervise students to complete assignments on time.

  2. Parents should drop off and pick up students on time, accompany students under the age of twelve to enter and exit classrooms, follow traffic instructions, strictly adhere to parking regulations. To ensure student safety, students not picked up on time will be temporarily supervised by the school's safety team, and late parents must pay a supervision fee (after 10 minutes past class time, $5 every 5 minutes).

  3. Parents have a responsibility to help maintain safety and cleanliness within the school premises, adhere to the rules of the school premises, refrain from littering, avoid making noise in classrooms and nearby areas, refrain from distributing advertisements, flyers, or selling items within the school premises, and refrain from organizing unauthorized activities or gatherings.

  4. In the event of emergencies (such as earthquakes, fires, etc.), parents should follow the instructions of the safety team and provide assistance as much as possible.

  5. If a student is absent due to illness or other reasons, parents should inform the teacher in advance.

  6. If there are changes in home address, phone numbers, etc., parents should promptly inform the class parent representative, who will then inform the teacher and the school.

  7. Every parent of a student has an obligation to participate in school services (a minimum of 8 hours per academic year), including school affairs, parent meetings, and duty shifts. Parents must select a service project when registering their students (if not selected, it will be assigned by the school), and they should follow the arrangement and fulfill their duties according to the service guidelines.

  8. Every parent should adhere to and uphold the guidelines, closely supervise any accompanying children, and have the responsibility to advise other students and parents who violate rules. Any violations should be reported to the school to collectively improve and maintain the reputation of the Chinese community.

  9. If a parent fails to fulfill their service obligation or repeatedly violates the guidelines, the school reserves the right to revoke the priority registration for the parent's child for the following academic year. For repeat offenders who do not heed warnings, the school has the right to revoke the student's enrollment for the current academic year.


  1. 家长应督促学生遵守学生守则,积极参与学生的学习过程,督促学生按时完成作业。

  2. 家长应准时接送学生上学,将十二岁以内学生送入并接出教室,听从交通指挥,严格遵守停车规则,为确保学生安全,没有按时接走的学生将由校安组临时照看,迟到的家长必须支付看护费 (下课10分钟以后每5分钟$5)。

  3. 家长在校区内有义务帮助维持校区的安全和整洁,遵守校区场地的规则,不随手丢杂物,不在教室内和附近喧哗,不在校区内散发广告,传单,和贩卖物品,不私自举办未经校方同意的活动或集会。

  4. 若有紧急事故发生 (如地震,火灾等 ),应遵从校安组的指挥,尽力协助。

  5. 若学生因病或因故缺席,应事先通知老师。

  6. 若家庭住址,电话等资料有变时,家长应及时通知本班家长代表,再由家长代表通知老师和学校。

  7. 每位学生的家长都有参与学校服务的义务(每学年8小时以上,分校务, 家长会和执勤),家长必须在学生注册时选择服务项目 (如未选择,则由校方指派),应遵从安排,按服务细则尽责。

  8. 每位家长都应遵守和维护守则,并对任何随行来校的儿童严加看管,对其他违规的学生和家长都有劝说的义务,并将违反规定者报告给校方,协力改善和维护华人的声誉。

  9. 若家长未履行服务或严重违犯守则,学校有权取消该家长子女下学年注册的优先权;对屡犯并不听劝告者,学校有权取消该学生该学年的上学资格。

Parent Duty Service Guidelines:

1.   These guidelines specify the service responsibilities for in-class duty and campus duty. Guidelines related to school affairs and parent meetings will be specified separately.

2.   Class parent representatives will assign duty tasks to parents, notify the parents directly, and report to the school and parent association.

3.   If a duty parent is unable to fulfill their duty, they should arrange for another parent to substitute in advance and report to the class parent representative. Absent duty parents must pay a $25 fine, and repeated absences will affect the priority registration of the student for the following year. In cases of serious absenteeism or refusal to pay fines despite warnings, the school reserves the right to revoke the student's enrollment for the current academic year.

4.   In-class duty parents should report to the teacher 10 minutes before class, assist the teacher in collecting and distributing assignments, maintain classroom order, prevent students from eating inside the classroom, assist young students with restroom needs, prohibit the use of emergency phones and any items in the classroom during breaks, collect any items left behind after class, return moved desks and chairs to their original positions, and assist in handling emergencies:

  • In case of a fire, assist the teacher in quickly evacuating students, isolate the scene, and call 911.

  • In case of an earthquake, help students take cover under desks during the shaking, evacuate them to a safe area after the shaking stops, take attendance, provide a list of missing students to the safety team, assist in escorting injured individuals to the school affairs team for handling, and register students who have been picked up by parents.

5.   Campus duty parents should report to the safety team 15 minutes before duty, receive a safety vest, and follow work arrangements. After duty, return the safety vest and bell.

6.   Campus traffic safety duty is responsible for ensuring smooth traffic flow. If there are traffic or parking violations, immediately advise the responsible parents to leave the area. For those who do not heed the advice, record the time, location, reasons, license plate, student's name, and class, and report to the safety team.

7.   Campus safety duty is responsible for ringing the bell, patrolling designated areas on campus, and ensuring safety:

  • Ensure that students stay within safe zones. If any student crosses the boundary, leaves campus without permission, or engages in dangerous activities, handle the situation immediately and record the student's name and class, then report to the safety team.

  • In case of disturbances, chasing incidents, sexual harassment, harassment of students, or other violent events, intervene as appropriate or call 911 for assistance.

  • In case of a fire or earthquake, assist in emergency response.

  • Finally, inspect the pickup point and hand over students who haven't been picked up on time to the safety team.


1.   本细则规定班内执勤和校区执勤的服务职责,有关校务和家长会的服务细则将另文规定。

2.   各班家长的执勤任务由家长代表分派,通知家长本人,并报备学校和家长会。

3.   若执勤家长因事不能执勤,应提前找定其它家长换勤,并报备本班家长代表。 缺勤家长要交付$25罚款,多次缺勤者将影响该学生来年注册的优先权;严重缺勤或拒付罚款并不听劝告者,学校有权取消该学生该学年的上学资格。

4.   班内执勤家长应提前10分钟向老师报到,协助老师收集和分发作业,维持课堂秩序,阻止学生在教室内吃东西,照顾小班学生如厕,课间休息时禁 止学生动用紧急电话及教室内的任何物品,课后收集遗留物品,将移动过的桌椅放回原处,并协助处理紧急情况:

  • 若发生火灾,应协助老师迅速撤出学生,隔离现场,并报警911。

  • 若发生地震,先帮助学生躲在桌下,等震后疏散学生到安全区,同时清点学生,将失踪学生名单交给校安组,护送伤者到校务组处理,并登记已被家长领走的学生。

5.   校区执勤家长应提前15分钟到校安组报到,领取安全背心,听从工作安排。 执勤后把安全背心,摇铃交回。

6.   校区交通安全执勤负责道路交通流畅,若有交通和停车违规,立即劝离肇事家长,对不听劝阻者记下时间,地点,事由,车牌及学生姓名,班级,报告校安组。

7.   校区安全执勤负责打铃,巡视校区内指定地点,确保安全:

  • 保证学生在安全区内活动,若有越区者,私自离校者,或危险游戏者,应立即处理,并记录学生姓名和班级,报告校安组。

  • 若有人扰乱秩序,追击,性骚扰,夹持学生或其它暴力事件,视情况上前阻止,或报警911处理。

  • 若遇火灾或地震时,协助处理应变。

  • 最后巡视接车点,将没有按时接走的学生交给校安组。


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