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Faculty & Staff

YRCS faculty are highly qualified and experienced. Some of them are highly renowned scholars in the People's Republic of China, and have come to teach and research in the United States.


Meet Our Principal

Mrs. Louise Gu

1995年为了自己的孩子们有学校可以学习简体中文汉语拼音和中国文化,我们创办了黄河中文学校并担任义工校长至今。回望近三十年的办学历程深感自己何其有幸!有幸能为身边的孩子们为我们社区提供高品质中文教育;有幸能将我专业芯片设计工程师的逻辑思维运用在学校管理;有幸能与志同道合的老师们一路相互扶持坚定前行。我期待学生们在黄河不仅学习中国语言,而且了解中华文化中的 “天人合一,中庸尚和,以人为本,自强不息,厚德载物” 这些一生受益的传统价值观,成为社会有用之才。

In 1995, driven by the desire to establish a school where our children could learn Simplified Chinese, Hanyu Pinyin, and Chinese culture, I founded Yellow River Chinese School and have been serving as a volunteer principal to this day.
As I reflect on nearly three decades of our educational journey, I cannot help but feel profoundly fortunate. It has been a privilege to provide high-quality Chinese education to the children in our community, to apply my skills to education and school management, and to persevere alongside dedicated colleagues who share my vision. I eagerly anticipate our students not only mastering the Chinese language but also embracing the enduring core values of Chinese culture. These values will undoubtedly guide them as they become the pillars of our society.



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