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Chinese Language Classes K-8

The Yellow River Chinese School adopts the "New Shuangshuang Chinese Textbook," second edition. This is a set of Chinese textbooks specially designed for overseas students. It was co-authored by Teacher Shuangshuang Wang from California, USA, and domestic Chinese experts based on many years of overseas teaching practice. It is published and distributed by Peking University Press. The complete set of textbooks consists of 15 volumes, covering a vocabulary of 2500 words. It includes learning from character recognition, pinyin, sentence patterns, and short passages to preliminary and more systematic studies of Chinese culture. In addition to language instruction, the textbooks also introduce rich content related to Chinese geography, history, philosophy, and other aspects, highlighting the charm of Chinese culture.

For the Preschool class, a self-developed curriculum is used. Students from Kindergarten to 8th grade complete volumes 1 to 13 of the New Shuangshuang series. Starting from the third grade, teachers will instruct students on how to use dictionaries and gradually incorporate this tool into Chinese language learning. The Yellow River Chinese School uses the English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries published by the Commercial Press and Oxford University Press.

Students in the fifth grade will begin to study writing, with expectations increasing with each grade. From the sixth grade onwards, teachers will introduce translation to deepen the understanding of the Chinese language through comparison with English.

Please note that translations may have minor variations due to differences in syntax and expression between languages.

黄河中文学校采用“新双双中文教材”第二版。这是一套专门为海外学生编写的中文教材,由美国加州王双双老师和中国国内专家结合多年海外教学实践共同编写而成。由北京大学出版社出版发行。全套教材共15册,识字量2500个,包括了从识字、拼音、句型、短文的学习,到初步的较系统的对中国文化的学习。除语言教学的部分外,还介绍了中国地理、历史、哲学等方面的丰富内容,突出了中国文化的魅力。而Preschool班采用自编教材。从Kindergarten到八年级学完新双双第一册到第13册。从三年级开始,老师将教授查字典并要求学生逐步把字典这个工具用于中文学习中。黄河中文学校采用商务印书馆和牛津大学出版社出版的英汉汉英词典。 五年级的学生将开始学习写作,要求将随着年级逐渐加高。从六年级开始,老师将引入翻译,通过中英文的比较,加深对中文的理解。



Develop proficiency in listening and speaking Chinese, as well as learning to write basic Chinese strokes and characters.

Grade 3

Focuses on enhancing reading and comprehension skills in Chinese, and teaching the fundamentals of Chinese-English bilingual dictionary usage.

Grade 6

Focuses on Chinese reading and increasing vocabulary, improving Chinese writing, and starting to learn translation from English to Chinese.

Grade 1

Progress from learning individual characters to learning simple sentences. The curriculum primarily consists of short texts, accompanied by poetry, performances, and drama. Continued reinforcement of stroke order in Chinese character writing.

Grade 4

Focuses on reading to improve comprehension and vocabulary, and practicing oral recitation to enhance pronunciation and fluency.

Grade 7

Focuses on Chinese reading and expanding vocabulary. Students will improve writing skill by practicing narrative writing and translation.

Grade 2

Review and reinforce Pinyin, learn new characters and phrases, improve listening comprehension though listening exercises.

Grade 5

Focuses on increasing vocabulary and improving dictionary skills. Begins teaching Chinese writing.

Grade 8

Focuses on Chinese reading and expanding vocabulary, learning to write short texts, translation and public speaking.

Accredited Chinese Classes

Yellow River Chinese School offers accredited Chinese classes for students looking to fulfill their high school foreign language requirement, as well as AP Chinese for more advanced Chinese studies.



Accredited Chinese 3

Expanding on the Level 2 language course, students will acquire supplementary vocabulary and structures, enabling them to enhance both their written and spoken self-expression.

Accredited Chinese 1

This course focuses on developing proficiency in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Accredited Chinese 4

This course progresses from the Level 3 language course, further refining students' capacities to articulate and support opinions, as well as to narrate and describe personal experiences both orally and in written form.

Accredited Chinese 2

Building upon the skills developed in the Level 1 language course, this program will enhance proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

AP Chinese Language and Culture

This program advances students' capacities to confidently express and support viewpoints, and to narrate or describe personal experiences through both oral communication and written expression.

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