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Culture and Athletics

Yellow River Chinese School offers education beyond just language classes. Students can sign up for an additional culture or sports class after their morning Chinese class. Whether you want to spend your time on art, athletics, or mental mathematics, there are many courses to choose from.




Recite a children's song, listen to a story from a picture book, and then create handicrafts related to the song and characters from the book.

Abacus/Mental Math 1

Beginner's course in using the abacus and mental mathematics.

Children's Art

Recognize object shapes and colors, learn simple drawing techniques for animals and plants, and cultivate interest and imagination in art.

Cartoon Art

Teaching students about the basics of cartoon drawing. The goal is to inspire their imagination and artistic expression. Students are guided to create cartoon stories based on Chinese idioms and also practice learning Chinese by drawing cartoons.


Teach students about tennis rules and fundamental techniques.

Abacus/Mental Math 2

Intermediate course in using the abacus and mental mathematics after a year of experience.


Teach students about basketball rules and fundamental skills while encouraging their interest in sports and promoting teamwork.

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