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Grade 年级:

1st Grade 一年级

Scope 适用范围:

Suitable for 1st or 2nd grade students or students who have learned 170 Chinese characters.
适用于 1/2 年级学生或已学过 170 个汉字的学生。

Textbook Content 课本内容:

This volume progresses from learning words to learning simple sentences. The lessons mainly consist of short texts, accompanied by performances like poetry recitations and plays. The strokes for writing Chinese characters continue to be reinforced. The entire book has 22 lessons, with 178 new characters and 185 new words. The course takes 60 instructional hours (50 minutes per session).

本册特点是由词字的学习进展到简单句的学习。课文以小短文为主,伴 以诗歌表演剧等。继续巩固汉字书写笔画。全书 22 课,生字 178 个,生词 185 个。教程为 60 学时(每学时 50分钟)。

Learning Content 学习内容:

1. Reinforce the strokes for writing Chinese characters.
2. Practice correctly pronouncing the learned Chinese characters, and read the texts fluently.
3. Learn simple daily spoken language (32 phrases).
4. Practice listening and writing new words, 3-4 new words per lesson (starting from lesson 12).
5. Begin to introduce measure words.

1. 巩固汉字笔画。
2. 会正确认读所学汉字,流利朗读课文。
3. 学习简单生活口语(32 句)。
4. 练习听写生词,每课 3-4 个生词(从 12 课开始)。
5. 开始介绍量词。

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