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《新双双中文七册 中国地理常识》

Grade 年级:

5th Grade 2nd Semester 五年级第二学期

Scope 适用范围:

Suitable for 5th or 6th grade students or students who have learned 900 Chinese characters.
适用于 5/6 年级学生或已学过 900 汉字的学生使用。

Textbook Content 课本内容:

1. Using simple language, systematically introduce China's physical geography and human geography. This includes China's location, mountains, rivers, population, ethnic groups, provinces, cities, and resources.
2. Homework includes creating four craft projects: a three-dimensional map of China, ethnic figures, a food map, and a family tree.
3. The entire book has 12 lessons (with two optional lessons), with 137 new characters and 179 new words. The course takes 30 instructional hours (50 minutes per session)..

1. 以简单的语言,系统地将中国自然地理和人文地理作了概括介绍,包括中国的位置、山川河流,人口民族、省市、物产等。
2. 作业还包含四套手工:中国立体地图,民族小人、美食地图、我的家谱。
3. 全书 12 课(其中二课为选修课)生字 137 个,生词 179 个,教程为 30 学时(每学时 50分钟)。

Learning Content 学习内容:

1. Systematically study knowledge about Chinese geography.
2. Learn to read maps.
3. Writing: Learn writing by introducing cities, focusing on the following skills: (a) organize information in layers, (b) provide examples to illustrate characteristics, (c) balance between details and conciseness.
4. Complete four craft projects.
5. Continue with "Parent-Child Reading" activities.

1. 系统地学习中国地理知识。
2. 学习看地图。
3. 写:学习写作(5)介绍城市,学习以下三项能力: (a) 介绍事情要分层次 , (b) 会举例说明特点, (c) 详略得当。
4. 手工作业 4 套。
5. 继续 “亲子阅读”活动。

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