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《新双双中文九册 中国神话传说》

Grade 年级:

6th Grade 2nd Semester 六年级第二学期

Scope 适用范围:

Suitable for 6th-grade students or students who have learned 1,200 Chinese characters.
适用于 6 年级或已学习过 1,200 个汉字的学生使用。

Textbook Content 课本内容:

This volume is dedicated to introducing ancient Chinese mythology.
1. The textbook contains ten beautiful Chinese myths, allowing students to see scenes of the ancient Chinese ancestors' struggle for survival against nature: overcoming floods, defeating diseases, and creating Chinese characters. Their characteristics are diligence and courage! They survived and created the enduring Chinese civilization we have today.
2. The entire book has 10 lessons, with 103 new characters and 176 new words. The course takes 30 instructional hours (50 minutes per session).

1. 课本又十篇美丽的中国神话,使学生学习神话故事时,可以从中看到华夏先民为求生存与自然搏斗的种种场面:战胜洪水,战胜疾病,创造汉字。他们的特点是勤劳勇敢!他们生存下来,并创造了延绵至今的中华文明。
2. 全书 10 课,本册生字 103 个,生词 176 个,教程为 30 学时(每学时50分钟)。

Learning Content 学习内容:

1. Study ten ancient Chinese mythological stories to understand the history and characteristics of ancient China.
2. Compare these myths with Greek mythology to understand the differences in cultural backgrounds.
3. Read the texts fluently (around 500 characters).
4. Writing: Learn how to write about people, focusing on the following skills: (a) intention of the article, (b) article structure, (c) smooth language flow.

1. 学习中国古代十个神话故事,学生可以了解华夏的历史及特点。
2. 与希腊神话比较,了解不同民族文化的差异。
3. 流利朗读课文(500 字)
4. 写作:学习如何写人:学习三项能力: (a) 文章立意 , (b) 文章结构, (c) 语言顺畅

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