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《新双双中文十册 中国古代科学技术》

Grade 年级:

7th Grade 1st Semester 七年级第一学期

Scope 适用范围:

Suitable for 7th-grade students or students who have learned 1,300 Chinese characters.
适用于 7 年级或已学习过 1,300 个汉字的学生使用。

Textbook Content 课本内容:

This volume is dedicated to introducing ancient Chinese science and technology.
1. The textbook presents 11 stories about important ancient Chinese technological discoveries and inventions, such as the compass, paper-making, movable-type printing, the Four Great Inventions (the compass, paper-making, printing, gunpowder), silk weaving, porcelain production, and significant achievements in ancient Chinese medicine and hydraulic engineering.
2. The entire book has 11 lessons, with 149 new characters and 198 new words. The course takes 30 instructional hours (50 minutes per session).

1. 介绍了 11 个中国古代重要的科技发现和发明的故事,如:指南针、造纸术、活字印刷术和火药四大发明,丝绸纺织和瓷器制作的发明和发展,以及中国古代医药学、水利工程等方面的重大成果。
2. 全书 11 课,本册生字 149 个, 生词 198 个,教程为 30 学时(每学时 50分钟)。

Learning Content 学习内容:

1. Introduce the process of significant scientific and technological discoveries and inventions from ancient China. During the lessons, you can provide interesting insights into the historical backgrounds and geographical knowledge related to these technological inventions and discoveries. Students can gain an understanding of the process of human technological development through this aspect of China's history.
2. Engage students in hands-on activities such as traditional paper-making, crafting simple compasses, demonstrating printing techniques, and experiencing traditional Chinese medicine consultations.
3. Fluent oral reading of the text (600 words).
4. Hands-on activity: Dujiangyan Irrigation System (to understand the environmentally friendly impact of dam-less water engineering).

1. 介绍中国古代重要的科学技术发现和发明的过程,授课时可以将科技发明、发现的相关历史背景和地理知识介绍出来,十分有趣。学生可从中国这个侧面去了解人类科技发展的过程。
2. 教学生动手古法造纸、简单指南针制作、印刷术演示、中医看诊等活动。
3. 流利朗读课文(600 字)。
4. 手工:都江堰(体会无坝水利工程的环保作用)。

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