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《新双双中文十二册 中国文学欣赏》

Grade 年级:

8th Grade 1st Semester 八年级第一学期

Scope 适用范围:

Suitable for students in 8th grade and above or those who have learned 1,500 Chinese characters.
适用于 8 年级以上或已学过 1,500 个汉字的学生使用。

Textbook Content 课本内容:

1. This book introduces the classical Four Great Classical Novels of China, famous works, martial arts novels, and modern youth literature. It aims to help students gain a preliminary understanding and appreciation of Chinese literature and language arts.
2. The book consists of 10 lessons, with 123 new characters and 178 new words. The course is designed to be taught in 30 instructional hours (50 minutes per session).

1. 介绍了中国人古典四大名著、名篇、武侠小说及现代青少年读物使学生初步了解和欣赏中国文学及语言艺术。
2. 全书 10 课,生字 123 个,生词 178 个。教程为 30 学时(每学时 50分钟)。

Learning Content 学习内容:

1. Introduces the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese classical literature, famous works, martial arts novels, and modern youth literature.
2. Fluent oral reading of the text (800-1000 words).
3. Oral storytelling based on the text (continuous reading for 2 minutes).
4. Writing: Essay writing illustrating principles such as responsibility, rules, helping others, etc.
Open-ended "creative writing" opportunities, such as "Let Me Be Sun Wukong for a Day"
Writing inscriptions in the style of "Inscription on a Dilapidated Hut"

1. 介绍中国古典文学四大名著、名篇、武侠及现代青少年读物。
2. 要求能流利朗读课文(800-1000 字)。
3. 口述课文故事(连续表达 2 分钟)。
4. 写:写作 举例说明 xx 道理,如:责任/规则/助人等。

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