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Grade 年级:


Scope 适用范围:

Suitable for children starting at age five or six with no prior knowledge.

Textbook Content 课本内容:

Starting from scratch: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and experiencing the characteristics of Chinese characters (not phonetic script).
1. Starting from individual characters, using direct character recognition method (without phonetics). Recognizing Chinese characters and reading them correctly.
2. Teaching the strokes and writing of Chinese characters, emphasizing correct strokes for the characters learned.
3. Each lesson includes simple spoken language and classroom phrases.
4. The texts are mostly nursery rhymes, easy to recite, and accompanied by illustrations.
5. The entire book has 22 lessons, with 166 new characters and 147 new words. The course takes 60 instructional hours (50 minutes per session).

1. 从单字开始,直接认字法(没有拼音)。认识汉字,正确读出汉字。
2. 教汉字书写笔画,要求所学汉字,笔笔正确。
3. 每课有简单口语和课堂用语内容。
4. 课文多为儿歌,朗朗上口,图文并茂。
5. 全书 22 课,生字 166 个, 生词 147 个。教程为 60 学时(每学时 50 分钟)。

Learning Content 学习内容:

1. Students get an initial sense of Chinese characters (their characteristics and how they differ from phonetic scripts).
2. Getting accustomed to direct character recognition (without phonetics).
3. Able to recognize and correctly read the learned Chinese characters and nursery rhymes.
4. Able to write the learned Chinese characters with correct strokes (emphasis on this).
5. Learning simple daily spoken language (25 phrases).

1. 学生初步感受汉字。(汉字的特点,与拼音文字的不同)。
2. 习惯直接认字法(没有拼音)。
3. 会认和正确读所学汉字和儿歌。
4. 按笔画正确书写所学汉字(重点)。
5. 学习简单生活口语(25 句)。

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